Why didn’t someone tell me the stove was hot?!

ImageYou know that moment in time when everything stops— well, not literally. Not like it did when Lois Lane fell down the crack in the Earth and Superman used his supersonic speed to fly around the globe and erase time. More like it does it when you have an ah ha moment … like a profound understanding for something you never understood before but now … NOW … it’s all clear.

Not all that long ago, I had one of those eye opening, breakthrough moments where I stopped and wanted to ask quite plainly, “Why the hell didn’t someone tell me this before?!” Alas, as it turns out, my brain has been channeling Superman for the last half hour, reversing time, going back and well … wouldn’t you know it … someone had tried to tell me before.

The particulars of my breakthrough moment matters not my dear friends but for the sake of making my point, I’ll just say it’s akin to being told the stove is hot before you understand what hot means … ‘cause if you don’t know what hot means, why on Earth would you forego touching the stove? If that makes any sense at all. 

And so now the biggest challenge staring me in the face isn’t my failure to comprehend what “hot” means, but rather what I should do with the knowledge … do I touch the stove anyway? Do I create a safe barrier with a pot holder before touching the stove? Truthfully, neither of those options seem appropriate nor do they appeal to me in the slightest … still, I have to do more than just turn the stove off … but I can’t ignore it either. I know, I know. Enough with the metaphors … sorry, I can’t help myself—it’s how I think … so for now, I think I’ll soak my hand in cold water for a few minutes and then try and touch the stove again—at least then I won’t feel the burn.

Today’s somewhat confusing post inspired by The Daily Prompt: Breakthrough.

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  1. Betsy says:

    “hurt so good”

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