You know what really sucks? Hint, it’s not the presidential candidates.

sucksTo say I’m irritated would be an understatement. Sarcasm, no. A hyperbole, not even.

I try not to moan and groan—not here anyway. Because to be completely frank, I can’t stand reading blogs where people just bitch about their life. So naturally, I don’t read them. But. Today. Today I am beyond words. Alas I will refrain from spoiling your day with my woes and instead stick with the prompt and simply say this …

“It’s time be a grownup and make a decision—stop complaining. Decide.”

Election Day is three short days away. Which means, in four short words, you need to decide. Heck, many of us have already done our constitutional duty and voted early … but for those that haven’t it’s time. Decide. And no, contrary to what this yard sign says, everyone does not suck. Not by a long shot. There are many, many unsucky people in the country … many.

Today’s post inspired not by my own suckiness, but by the Daily Prompt: Hyperbole. Because clearly, to say everyone sucks, is indeed, an exaggeration at best. Oh, but kudos to the sign designer for correctly writing U.S. and not US. That alone irritates me more than loud gum chewing.

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  1. James Pailly says:

    I am glad, now that the election is over, that people seem to be dropping the hyperbole. At least, some people are.

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