An Open Letter to Everyone Worried About Gaining Weight on Thanksgiving

Freedom from Want ~ Norman Rockwell

Stop. Just stop. Seriously. I mean what’s the big deal? So you eat a little more than usual. So you gain two pounds. Or three, or four. Big deal. It’s Thursday … the day will be over soon … you’ll go to bed, wake up and it will be Friday. Then, before you know it, it will be Sunday and those “couple” extra pounds and today’s chaos will be a thing of the past.

So today, give thanks. Enjoy the fortunes you’ve been blessed with—because one, if you’re fortunate enough to be reading this then you’re fortunate enough to have either a computer of some sort or a mobile phone … and I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you’re also fortunate enough to have more than enough to eat today. So stop contemplating those extra pounds. Stop fretting over something so insignificant and relish your surroundings.

This Thanksgiving, be thankful God has blessed you with the wherewithal to gain a few pounds.

Me … instead of running five miles this morning I’m running seven today. Paying those aforementioned few pounds a little something forward. Now go share this post with those you care about. Hell, share it on Facebook … maybe we’ll start a revolution ;) Enjoy your day everyone! Today’s post inspired by my over-thinking brain, last year’s Thanksgiving turkey, and the Daily One-word Prompt: Chaotic.



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