What does a flamenco dancer and a sheep have in common?

sheepYou ever wonder who … SIDEBAR: Yes, I know, I’m only beginning and there’s already a sidebar—which, in reality doesn’t make it a sidebar at all, does it? Well, anyway, when someone starts off a post with a question – especially “You ever wonder who”—I generally stop reading right there because chances are my answer will be “NO! I have never wondered who nor will I.” So if I lose you, fine. Just know that you’re missing some real thought provoking material here.

So … you ever wonder who came up, or comes up, with the emojis on our cell phones? I mean I get the smiley face, the sad face, the laughing face and most all the faces for that matter, but some of the others? Not so much. I mean at what point in any conversation does someone need to send someone else a tiny sheep? Or an eggplant? Flamingo dancer? OK. I guess, maybe. But a stone-head replica from Easter Island?

Is there a committee for this? Perhaps an online suggestion box somewhere? No? There should be.

I have to admit, I’m not much of an emoji girl. But I know people who are. I have a few friends that are always texting me a thumbs up instead of an “OK.” A thumbs down instead of a “no.” But you know what? I don’t like it. The thumbs are weird looking. Like they belonged to someone before being hacked off and sent to live with the tiny sheep that may, or may not, have once inhabited an island in the South Pacific.

And there you have it—the thought provoking material I promised you, if only you stuck around … now go share this post with your friends and just think of all the serious conversations you can have over dinner. Oh, and for fun, send someone that flamingo dancer emoji … and if you do, let me know what they say back. Who knows, maybe they’ll answer with a sheep.

Today’s post inspire by the daily one-word prompt: Seriousness

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