The one thing your Facebook friends don’t care about

balloonThis is the kind of post that might earn a few haters … sort of like the one I did on mommy bloggers, but I can’t help myself. Because as it just so happens, this has been driving me crazy for a very long time … so here goes nothing (who knows, I just might pick up a few more “likes” for my honesty ;)

Yesterday. Valentine’s Day. One of the few holiday’s I thought Facebook would skip. Meaning I didn’t expect to have my feed filled with “friends” thanking their significant others for “being the best spouse, husband, partner, wife anyone could ever ask for” and then tagging them in the same post. I mean why, for the love of God, wouldn’t they just turn to their significant other—who’s probably sitting right next to them on the couch—give them a little love pat and say, “you’re the best spouse, husband, partner, wife anyone could ever ask for.”

Is a Facebook shout out telling someone you love them more meaningful than telling them to their face?

I read an article once that claimed you could tell a lot about the type of relationship someone was in by how they handle their Facebook posts. It basically said people who constantly tag their significant others had intimacy issues (not as bad as the people who share Facebook accounts) but issues, all the same. I can’t say as I agree with that assessment, but I’m no psychologist and quite frankly don’t spend too much time (OK, I don’t spend any time) thinking about other people’s relationships.

Now I know someone is reading this and you’re mad because yesterday you posted this on Facebook: “I have the best husband in the whole wide world. Happy Valentine’s Day @JohnSmith.” And I know you’re mad because you don’t have intimacy issues, you love @JohnSmith, and (for one reason or another) want the rest of your Facebook friends to know. And that’s fine. Don’t be mad at me … chances are you’d like me if you hung out for a while … but again, I just have to ask, is a Facebook shout out telling someone you love them more meaningful than telling them to their face?

Today’s post inspired by the daily one-word prompt: sound. So how’d I get this post outa that prompt? Easy, Watson … IF I were a psychologist, I’d give everyone some sound advice, “don’t post about your relationship on social media.” Ever. Oh, for the record, telling them happy birthday is, I guess, OK … but you could just send a balloon.

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  1. Dangerspouse says:

    Every day I’m more and more thankful I never heeded the Sirens’ call of Facebook….

  2. Clever take for the prompt. I agree with many of your points and I probably resemble them even more! I am a frequent “I adore my wife” poster but I also know that have zero issues telling her how much I love her, to her face… and just as often. :) I also post the bad with the good, so, perhaps if there is a balance people could feel like it’s more genuine.

  3. Johann says:

    Great post!

    I can relate, but
    maybe they have told their SO that they love them AND posted about it on social media as an extra love. You know, the post is like that cherry on top of your ice-cream kinda thing.

  4. I have to agree. For all the reasons stated. Too many are hung up on what others think. If you love someone tell THEM! SHOW THEM! No one else matters, its YOUR relationship. I don’t mind knowing that your happy, but….

  5. Ms. Tina says:

    I would wonder the same thing when I’d see stuff like that on Instagram. I wonder if they say all of those pleasant things directly to the person, or if they are too shy to do that. I’m sure they are doing it to boast about how great the other person is to their followers, but it does seem a little odd to me. I definitely wouldn’t do it.

  6. The reason why these couples are giving shout-outs on FB and not turning to their SO and saying it personally is because their phones have become an extra appendage. At dinner last night I was surrounded by couples who were on their phones for most of the dinner–I kid you not. Not romantic. Not intimate. Not social. That’s the funny think about social media: it’s lack of social.
    Great post. I like you’re honesty. I’ll have to check out your mommy blogger post. Keep ’em coming!

    1. Yes indeed, Sascha. In a nutshell!

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