Best Think, if Wearing Pink (at least in the yoga studio)

ImageYOU, are in the middle of a downward dog—or any pose/transition that requires you hinge from the hips and bow forward—your eye gaze follows the tips of your fingers, you start to bend and inadvertently land your focus on the lady in front of you … the one wearing the pink leggings. The one you saw on the way into class and secretly admired how gutsy she was for wearing something other than black but also wondered how well those pastel pants would hold up in the hot studio. Surly, they would not only show sweat in all the places you’d prefer not to show sweat, but worse, how could they not be see thru?

In all honesty, the studio where I practice (yes, I did say practice—I’ve been going for a few years now, have bruises on my triceps from crow and am contemplating a tattoo so I have earned the right to officially call what I do, a practice) seems to be fairly free from judgment or competition among the yogis. Sure, there are some, but all in all there is a wide variety of proficiency and most everyone is there to advance their own practice (yes, that word again).

SIDEBAR: Ever wonder why attorneys and doctors have their “practices” but the rest of us simply have “work”???

Back to the lady in pink … a few five-pointed stars and wide-leg folds later, I was beginning to feel self conscious for her. I had stopped trying to master Ujjayi breathing and was now contemplating whether or not I should say something to her after class. It’s like the spinach in the teeth thing—I would want some to tell me!! Wouldn’t you?

Alas, I said nothing. Why? I dunno. I guess I didn’t want to embarrass her. But if the tables were turned, I’d rather be embarrassed and get over it than wear see thru pants to yoga (or anywhere for that matter). I have seen her a few times since this “episode” but never, thanks be to Ganesha, in those pink pants. Maybe someone else told her? But I sort of doubt it. Anyway, what would you do? I’ve decided the next time I see her, if she wears pink, I will run the other direction … no just kidding … I will gutsy it up and tell her. Tell her I will. Cause it’s the right thing to do. Right??

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DISCLAIMER: I’m a writer and an editor. And I try my best to make sure every post is articulate and free from errors. However, being that I edit my own work—and it’s next to impossible to properly edit your own work—I admit, occasionally there may be an error or two I miss. But doing so doesn’t make me an idiot so don’t be mean. Just smile, pat yourself on the back for finding an error and be glad you’re not the only one who makes mistakes sometimes … xoxox

4 Comments Add yours

  1. mumsthewordblog1 says:

    Bet you don’t! Maybe that was the only clean thing she had to wear that day. I would only mention it if she wears it again – hope she doesn’t read your blog 😂🐻

  2. dorothyadele says:

    That’s a difficult call, but I would want to know too.

  3. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    a whole lot of distraction to your practice!

  4. Sally says:

    Girl! Come to Dallas! Everyone wears see through colored pants!!! Except in Ashtanga -often Ashtangis wear next to nothing (see also Kino Macregor)…. ;-)

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