The Midwest Mermaid

Every now and then, something works out … last night’s dinner, a total flop—beyond. Seriously, I’m a writer and I can’t even find the words to describe the aforementioned flop. BUT. This morning … seeing the Daily One-word Prompt: Launch I was like, oh wow, lookie there … something’s right with the world today ;)

So … I love writing here on The Flavored Word … but the paying gigs have led me to launch a new site, The Midwest Mermaid—one where I write about issues I’m passionate about … sustainable fishing, the emerging aquaculture industry and just about anything and everything related to the oceans, rivers and streams.

Do you know how to cook seafood … let alone what seafood to buy from the store? I write about the different varieties and all the trends in cooking fish at The Midwest Mermaid.

Do you like coconut? I love coconut … I write about coconut-flavored products on The Midwest Mermaid.

Do you like beaches? I write about beach travel on The Midwest Mermaid.

Do you care about the future of our oceans? I write about sustainable fishing and ocean health on The Midwest Mermaid.

I hope you’ll visit me over at … stop by, let me know if you do, and read a little … follow me over there and tell your friends too … then we can have one big ocean party where everyone is welcome—fellow mermaids, mermen, and you humans too ;)

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