Keeping the Peace is SOOO Overrated (did I spell that right?)

Is the high worth the low?

I mean not to be ludicrous here … but if you ask a crack addict, the answer would be a resounding HELL YES!I I mean why else would crack addicts even exist? But for the rest of us (because no, I am not a crack addict), I have but one question: are the lows worth the highs? OR, are the highs worth the lows? Because indefinetly, one follows the other. Right?

Before you answer, keep reading and know this, I have no real answer …

But here’s what I do know … not to sound vein, but is working my ass off to be in good shape, look like a million bucks … is the work worth it? The work is hard. Hard as shit. But is feeling good because I/you look good worth it?

Is going out with friends, taking in that third (seventh) drink for the bigger buzz worth the hangover?

Look damn good in the dress, zipping up the mess

Is it worth it to hide what you really think … what you want to feel, want to say … is it worth it to shut your mouth because of the “low” or shock that follows?

Is it worth it not to say something to keep the peace (not piss off your boss, mom, etc)?

If you ask me, not that you are … but if you were to ask, I would say this … while the lows are painfully horrid, the promise of the highs are so great that yes, yes, I think I’d choose to work through the lows rather than skip them all together. Be it that I have to work through them alone, which is far more likely than not … I’d still do it. Besides, lows are meant to be felt alone, right? Maybe? I dunno. What I do know is this, if you find someone to share your highs with, DO IT!! But … find someone to share your lows with?? All I can say is do what feels right. Do what your heart wants. Or maybe, do what it warns you against, but do it anyway. Or don’t. Either way, just do and understand that sometimes the highs are worth the lows, as it goes conversely.

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