Are you lazy? Or just dumb?

Does someone who orders a Big Mac know the difference between say 600 calories and 1600 … OK. OK. Hold up before you stop reading or bash me thinking this is going to turn into a fat-shaming post, let me assure you, it is not. If anything, it is the farthest thing from that … 

NBC aired a segment tonight (last night) asking if calorie counts printed on menus actually influence consumers. Intrigued, I asked a few people if indeed those fateful numbers really mattered, and as it turns out, the numbers matter, and they don’t. Because some people use those numbers to “control” their consumption choices … because some people literally (and figuratively) calorie count … because some people live and die by the end-of-the-day total calorie count. 

For me, the numbers don’t matter. But only because I know the numbers at first glance … yea, peeps, I was a competitive athlete (which you’d know if you stopped by here more often) and as much as it pains me to admit (any really awesome Midwest psychologists want to chime in here) I still deal with “food” issues and “body” issues on the daily. It’s inherent. I guess. Regardless, because I know the numbers already, I don’t pay attention. BUT. To be clear, I would never be in a line to order a Big Mac in the first place. Yes. I’m “that” girl.

Anyway, back to my original inquiry … does someone who orders a Big Mac know the difference between say 600 calories and 1600?? Honestly, I think most people who line up to order the double-stacked, special-sauce laden sandwich fall into one of three categories, neither of which is healthy:

  1. They truly don’t know how bad it is for their health,
  2. Or, sadly, more likely than not … they’re being lazy and decided this was the best choice,
  3. Or, they just don’t give a shit.

Me, I don’t fall into either category: because, I’d go hungry before I would order a Big Mac, but maybe that’s not super healthy either.

Thoughts?? Do you know how many cals are in a Big Mac? And would you eat one? Have you ever?

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DISCLAIMER: I’m a writer and an editor. And I try my best to make sure every post is articulate and free from errors. However, being that I edit my own work—and it’s next to impossible to properly edit your own work—I admit, occasionally there may be an error or two I miss. But doing so doesn’t make me an idiot so don’t be mean. Just smile, pat yourself on the back for finding an error and be glad you’re not the only one who makes mistakes sometimes … xoxox

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  1. Cowboy says:

    I recall the McD’s jingle in the early 70’s “two whole beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles on a sesame bun”. Back in the 70’s we (all of America) were being taught the “4 Main Food Groups”. Teachers would quiz the students; “what is the one food that has all four food groups?” The answer was always “pizza”: Meat Group – pepperoni, fruit and vegetable group – tomato sauce, dairy group – cheese, and then finally bread group – the crust. I was the one kid that always raised his hand to tell the teacher that they are missing a food…The Almighty Big Mac! The teacher would usually ask how that was so and I would sing the jingle and most often the other kids would chime in since the jingle was meant for the kids to remember. So we all have been brainwashed over time and still are by product placement, jingles, etc. We have been taught to listen with our eyes and our head rather than listen to our bodies. Example, I can put a large pizza in front of my 10 year old son (who has nearly 0 body fat) and he can plow through it by himself, but if I insist on him eating a small bowl of nutrient dense greens (he opts out of having any dressing…I know weird) he might eat 1.5-2 pieces. Why is that so? Your body knows what it wants and needs and when he eats that simple salad, the nutrients are absorbed nearly instantly and therefore he becomes satiated and really doesn’t need the empty calories he gets from the pizza. If no greens prior he stops eating because #1 there is no more pizza and/or #2 his stomach just cannot expand any further, so then he is just physically full, which is not what the body wants or needs. Ok off my soapbox. So in agreement with the article, but with one little suggestion: grab some greens and eat them prior to driving up to the drive-thru next time. Just a thought.

    1. Not your average mom says:

      True, Americans are conditioned to eat that way … and your suggestion to “grab some greens and eat them prior to driving up to the drive thru,” is an excellent idea, but, my point is that the people who are going to “grab some greens” aren’t typically the ones going to the drive thru in the first place. So … can I get you some extra fries to enjoy on your soapbox? Just kidding. Your point is well taken, and clearly well thought ;)

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