I’m a writer. And an editor who may or may not make mistakes on occasion … especially here, at The Flavored Word. I try to be impeccable, but I firmly believe you cannot edit your own work, which is why I hope you’ll forgive those aforementioned occasional mistakes. 

What do I do when I’m not penning flavorful words?? I write, like for a paycheck : ) I’m a non-niche journalist and have covered everything from major sporting events to national conventions and have written pieces on topics as diverse as “how to install gutters” (admittedly not my favorite piece) to “why the Sandy Hook tragedy prompted more women to buy guns.” Typically, my writing has a bit of a sarcastic flare, but I tone that when a more serious angle is needed.

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Here, at The Flavored Word, I write about whatever I want … some of which I hope you find entertaining and thought provoking. But you can find my work in a number of other places including national news publications, regional lifestyle magazines and more. 

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