THE SOUND OF MUSIC Or maybe it’s musicals in general … although Grease is THE word!

GUM I absolutely loathe people – or at least the behavior that some people present – whom chew gum as if it was their last meal on Earth.  Really, close your mouth … one piece is all you need … and if I am staring at you strangely it’s because I really don’t get how it’s possible for some one to make so much damn noise chewing synthetic rubber.

 LINGERING In so many ways … be it in line at the grocery store (stop talking to the checker, I am behind you and I want to leave with my groceries before dusk) … or be it on a particular topic (we’ve already discussed that, please, for the love of God can we agree that a decision has been reached) … or be it on a particular thought, or incident (okay, okay, I know your parents got divorced when you were twelve, and yes, that must have been rough but come on already! You are forty!  Stop blaming your parents for your current emotional garbage – it is no longer their fault)!
TEXTING and DRIVING There is a reason it is illegal in certain states … it is dangerous and you are not that important – put the damn phone in the back seat!
MEAN PEOPLE  Do not yell at the waiter because your steak is cooked incorrectly – it’s an easy fix and you’ll probably end up getting it for free anyway.  And, believe it or not, it is NOT the flight attendants fault that there are so many rules to follow while flying the friendly skies – and since I for one would like to keep our skies friendly, please, sit back down, put on your f’ing seat belt and do as you and everyone else has been asked.
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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Pompous flight attendants get me. You stand up to them and you are off the flight. There is the odd one that thinks they are the first coming of Christ.

  2. yarrpirate says:

    Agree COMPLETELY with each point.

  3. neonspndx says:

    Agree. Agree. Agree. Agree. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. snosler says:

      Thank you! Really … it’s the gum chewing that sends me over the bridge!

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