Hey there. I’m a West Coast transplant living out my mortal days in the landlocked Midwest … when I moved here I missed the beaches, the mountains, the desert, the rivers … and it took me a while to find places nearby that paralleled my old stomping grounds. BUT. While I do miss the sea … and the sand and the rush of the waves … the smell of seawater … even the sting of too much sun after a day spent lollygagging at the beach … now that I’ve lived here for over 15 years, I’ve had time to explore the region and you know what? It’s amazing. There’s so much to do—from skiing in northern Michigan to relaxing lakeside in southern Kentucky to rocking the nightlife in one of the many metropolitan areas. And I love it here. I really do.

And (now for the good stuff) I believe we live in a great big beautiful world and could care less if someone is black, white or gray; gay, straight or somewhere in between; democrat or republican; Catholic, Muslim or something else or nothing at all … BUT I do care if people are kind and contribute something to society … something other than trash because there’s already way too much of that.

What else … I’m an avid runner (when the stars align and I’m not nursing an injury), a sometimes health fanatic who also drinks too much wine, a wannabe yogi and every now and then get accused of being just a wee bit sarcastic … and all of these things, I write about on my blog. Forewarning, if you visit here often and read a not-so-flattering post that sounds like it might have been written about you, it probably was. What can I say … sometimes the truth hurts, wink, wink. JK! (Or am I?) Insert laughing emoji and cue Carly Simon.


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