Why you should talk about politics & religion with strangers —

Picture a world where everyone got along… Everyone. It’s next to impossible to do — or is it? Can you imagine, as John Lennon suggested, a world where all her people lived in peace. Where there is no country, no religion, nothing to kill or die for. It’s a nice thought — or concept, I suppose … but then again, is it?

Because while we could all do with a little less violence and far less hatred in our world, what fun would be to live in a place where passion subsided? Where people didn’t feel deeply enough to put their convictions in front of them? Where people did nothing other than chat about the weather. I wouldn’t like that one bit. So when I meet someone I don’t know and they strike up a conversation, I hope it will be about religion or politics or world hunger or whether or not we should drill for oil in Alaska — because those are the kind of conversations I learn from. Those are the kind of conversations, that if they existed more … if people weren’t so afraid of offending another simply by having a discussion, well, maybe then we really would live in the kind of world that Mr. Lennon once imagined.

And maybe, just maybe mankind would pass through this phase we seem to be stuck in where it’s become almost commonplace to be complacent.

Just a little something to think about … now go and speak your truth. Oh, and while you’re at it, try smiling at a stranger … because while it might not be all it takes to get along with our fellow man, at least its a start. Today’s post inspired by the latest news … oh, and the Daily One-word Prompt: “Phase.”


Have you ever stopped believing in someone? In you? In goodness?

ImageWhen is too much TOO much?

When do human beings stop? When do we stop being someone else’s everything? Be it a friend, a mother, a spouse, a mentor, a companion in this crazy world — when does the last straw become the last straw? When do we stop believing in ourselves, in someone else??  Continue reading

Starbucks, The Piggly Wiggly and the Sloth Among Us –

ImageYou know those enclosures in parking lots made to corral wandering shopping carts?? Yea … those. You’re with me. Right? The ones at my Super Target are made from the same brick as the store so they coordinate nicely with the surrounding buildings rather than stick out like the dirty plastic ones at the Piggly Wiggly (OK — wait, slight sidebar here for all the locals that actually read my blog; I know, we don’t have Piggly Wigglies here but I like to say Piggly Wiggly more than I like to say Kroger so for the sake of my post I’m sticking with Piggly Wiggly — no offense to Mr. and Mrs. Kroger but your name just doesn’t have the same ring as Piggly Wiggly).

Repeat after me … Piggly Wiggly. Piggly Wiggly. Piggly Wiggly. It’s fun to say, isn’t it?

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What could be worse than fingernails on a chalkboard?

ShaunaLNoslerI’d always wanted to go to Savannah. Something about the South has always appealed to me – maybe because I’m a Yankee and have never spent much time there – maybe … so this last April I had the opportunity to visit the cobblestone city on the river (the photo was taken just off River Street) and wasn’t disappointed by the crawfish, the history, the statues, the charm, the mystery – but I was disappointed that no one offered me a mint julep. And I’d tell you more about my trip, but alas, I am distracted … Continue reading

How to get over being lonely – hint, rum helps.

ImageYou ever get that feeling that you’re all alone in the world – not literally, unless, that is, you live on some remote island where you really are all alone minus a few sand crabs and, if you’re lucky, a long lost barrel of hidden pirate’s rum. The kind of alone I’m referring to is the kind where regardless of the other seven billion human beings you share this planet with, you feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness. Almost as if you’ve turned invisible because for as far as you can tell, no one seems to care whether you’re there or not. You. The lone survivor – imagined, or not. Continue reading

Why successful people crave disorder more than order —

OvidOvid — you know, the ancient Roman who wrote the epic poem Metamorphoses. What? You don’t know? Eh, it’s OK. It’s really not all that important, I only bring him up because he’s responsible for introducing the entire notion of Chaos — and Chaos, especially if you try and define it, is in itself a fascinating concept (with or without Ovid’s help). Continue reading