You can’t sit forever on destiny’s safe little shelf – SO GET OFF!

ImageI used to believe in destiny. I mean why not? It’s a cozy little comfortable shelf to sit on – because when bad things happen, well, destiny’s there for the blame. Right? Right.

BUT … then someone taught me about freewill … and I remembered reading Robert Frost and I instantly understood that while we might all have some sort of providence within our grasp, it is the realization or paths we must take to get there, that often times provides us the biggest challenge. Continue reading

A little family time mixed with one kickass hollandaise sauce

sauce_hollandaise2It is 7:49 p.m.—or at least it was when I wrote this. A typical weekday night … no. Wait. Let me retract that statement as there is no such thing as typical in my household. The same household, mind you, my ever curious neighbor from down the street has, on more than one occasion, dubbed a sitcom. But, for the sake of my post, I’ll go ahead and pretend (momentarily) that this is a typical night. Continue reading

I wonder if the Hardy Boys liked bruised bananas?

fruitEver wonder what happens to the fruit at the bottom of the pile? Yes, this is going to be another post about one of my recent trips to the grocery store. So, you know those nicely stacked pyramids of apples, oranges, lemons and limes that line the produce section of the Piggly Wiggly …

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Dear God, Don’t get mad, but I don’t think you’re funny.

ImageYou ever have one of those days when you know God must be joking? I can picture Him now … sitting up there on a cloud having tea with St. Christopher … He’s probably choked on His English Breakfast a few times from all the laughing he’s been doing. Don’t get me wrong here—I’m glad, honored really, to provide the big guy with a little humor today but enough already—can’t He move on and torment some other poor soul?
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An ode to the Lunch Lady

lunch-ladyI’ve never been a fan of lunch―mostly because the lunch lady that ran the kitchen in my elementary school and her fingerprints. She was nice enough, I suppose. I mean I don’t have any strange or scary memories of run-ins with her or any one of the women that made my midday meals, Monday through Friday, September through June, year after year … but … she did leave a lasting impression (so to speak) on me and literally shaped the eating habits that have stuck with me all these years―at least when it comes to lunch. Continue reading

Why being called pretty isn’t all that …

muchierIt’s one thing to be called pretty, but when someone describes another person as lovely (for me at least) it connotes and entirely different perception. One that’s more … heck, I dunno, much more muchier, I guess.

Similarly, when an individual is described as elegant rather than sophisticated, I’m more likely to picture a refined Coco Channel or Grace Kelly type than I am a Law & Order suit donning district attorney. Continue reading